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     Dual wireless Magic Sing Along Karaoke Microphone Supports Hard Disk


KOD-100 is a new generation of magic karaoke microphone system, now you can download and edit your favorite karaoke tracks or Movies. Did you ever have experience in having a chip with thousand songs but you didn't know how to sing or most of the songs are not what you want? Did you feel bored in those songs with music only without any vocal? KOD-100 is a real karaoke machine for you! It has full customize functions to add and edit your favorite songs/movies/background and really enjoy original songs with vocal and live background! 

Ideal for:

 Home entertainment, Karaoke enthusiasts, Schools, and Churches,Travel Enthusiasts


  • Supports up to 640GB standard 2.5” SATA hard drive let you can put more than 20,000 MTV songs with vocal ON/OFF
  • Supports multi language such as English,Tagalog,Spanish,Hindi,Vietnamese,Indonesian,Korean,Japanese,Chinese etc
  • Supports multi format such as AVI,VOB,DAT,JPEG,MPG,MP3,MIDI etc
  • Supports more than 20,000 MIDI karaoke songs in 2GB SD card
  • Comes with two wireless UHF digital microphones
  • Full functions of karaoke£ºKEY CONTROL,TEMPO,ECHO,MIC VOL,MUSIC VOL,VOCAL ON/OFF etc
  • Supports 4 microphones (two wireless microphones and two wired microphones) and 4 people to sing at the same time
  • Easy to add up new songs from disc or internet through USB to PC
  • Build-in karaoke mixer let you can plug to TV and sing directly
  • Supports 4 SD cards and additional 2.5” SATA hard drive at the same time


Exclusive Features:

  • Supports most of Languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Korean, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Latin etc 
  • Advance technology for song search: Sort a songs from the included wireless digital microphones or additional remote controller and front panel directly. full functions of karaoke such as:vocal on/off, echo, key control, tempo, Melody volume control, favorite songs reserve, random play, repeat, continuous play etc
  • Free software tool for song updated: There is a free software tool come with KOD-100,now you can download your favourite karaoke track from internet or DVD disc thru pc to hard drive or SD card and make your own song book  
  • 4 singers sing together: Supports 2 Wireless Digital Microphones with 18 control buttons and 2 regular wired microphones at same time
  • Gives score and applause for your performance after singing
  • Supports multi-format: compare to the traditional one plays MIDI only, our karaoke system not only supports MIDI files but also Original MTV songs with vocal and live background; supports vob(DVD), dat(VCD), MP3, MP4, avi(CD + G),JPEG, MPG media format.
  • Fully customize song listing ability Create your own song list from the provided software. Only your favorite songs on the list, and nothing else!
  • Full customize background function. Interchangeable background for user to add their favorite one
  • Live colorful background and music with vocal on/off ; Lyric on the TV screen; Singalong karaoke functions
  • Cope SD card to hard disc or from hard disc to SD card, no computer needed.
  • Edit functions such as move/delete/rename/copy, no computer need.
  • Programming / Reservation available while it is in play. The reserved songs quantities are unlimited instead of only reserving up to 20 songs.
  • Full karaoke function remote controller 
  • Compatible with NTSC / PAL TV system


 1. 2.5" Hard Drive (Maximum capacity :640GB) /  Wired Microphone/  SD Card/Song Book



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